The snow globe cup draws inspiration from the concept of the water globe. It is a transparent double-layer-wall glass filled with glycol to create a miniature theme. The primary purpose of the cup is to wow kids by combining fun with sweet beverages.

The liquid inside tells a fascinating story about falling snow. When you hold the tumbler upright, the colored liquid respects the law of gravity. In essence, it creates a world of fiction meant to excite kids and help them unleash their creative genius in them. The Christmas theme favors this type of creativity, but it is an evergreen field.

While the double wall serves a functional purpose, it evokes a feeling of innocents. Santa wins his fans by demonstrating that magic happens when you shake the globe. For instance, the reindeer develops magic wings and flies through all the villages when the globe turns.

Using the cup to sip coffee is safe because the liquid insulates the hand from heat. And while at it, you could be mesmerized by the swirl and fall in love with the glitters.

A snow cup is nice to have during a festive season. Here are some guidelines to pay attention to if you plan to surprise your folks’ globe with some pieces this holiday.

Choose a vibrant liquid like glycol

The glass requires compatible liquid to prevent glitters from clumping. In some cases cool temperature works against and causes the decors to clump. And it can be frustrating because it renders the sparkle ineffective.

A high-quality liquid rarely displays such characteristics. Instead, it distributes the figurine evenly, and you’ll never experience occasions where it forms clumps.

You should check the number of glitters too. Too much glitter saturates the liquid, and increases the probability of clumping. And even if you shake it vigorously, it won’t move much because the space left does not favor a robust coalition.

The type of glass used makes or breaks the functionality of the art

For best results, choose ready-to-use double-wall tumblers. Sublimation tumblers are your greatest bet because they add the element of sophistication to your craft. And the recipient will appreciate it since it will elevate their decor.

Furthermore, a sublimation tumbler is versatile and allows you to construct professional projects that delight your fans. The gist lies with the pre-embedded designs. Unlike starting from scratch, it gives you a platform to form your biases about a pattern before executing a crazy masterpiece.

Unfortunately, sublimations have their downside. They are pricey and might limit your projections, and threaten your creativity. You can use the do-it-yourself brands to fill the deficit. Although they require you to work extra hard, the results can change your perspective.

Use Eco-friendly materials

It is essential to identify reputable suppliers who stock original products. This is the first step to showing you value the health of your users. And you can go an extra mild to shield them from toxins.

Choosing the correct raw materials might be crazy, but you can leverage the power of reviews to identify excellent products. Once you approve the consistency, you can proceed to make bulk orders and stand to enjoy the huge discounts.


Globe creations expose you to a fun way to enjoy your holidays. It has numerous DIY projects that excite every member of the family. Albeit. It speaks the language of Christmas, and kids. The creations can delight adults too. Try them, and you’ll be surprised you’ve numerous creative juices in you.


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